A well-prepared engine block is crucial for any motor to make big horsepower, and do it multiple times. An engine builder from a professional company offered some tips and tricks to help us prepare and clean our engine blocks before we make big horsepower.  

This is the Ford Performance Parts BOSS351 block that will be used as the base for a high-boost, 2500 horsepower engine. They didn’t want any stone unturned considering the future of this block.

The BOSS 351 block is a great part, but there are a few things you should do. A skilled builder shared some of the tools he uses when preparing a block for super horsepower.

1. To add a chamfer at the top of each cylindrical, the builder used an abrasive con to do so. This allows the delicate piston rings to be inserted into each bore after assembly.

2. To chamfer the drain holes, the builder used a die grinder. He said, “Even though the block has large drain holes, it is still a good idea for them to be smoothed out.”

3. The builder usually chamfers the bottom of the pistons. However, this Ford block already had this feature. This chamfer prevents the piston skirts scraping the bottoms of the cylinders as they rock through the engine’s rotation.

4. This special oil gallery cleaning tool uses a brush to remove oil galleries debris. The water and pressure wash it away.

5. This photo shows how oil gallery debris is flushed to the engine’s main bearings during startup. According to the builder, clean oil galleries can make or ruin an engine build.

6. After drying the block with compressed air and washing it, the builder applied penetrating oils to the walls of the cylinder. “If the cylinder walls aren’t oiled after washing, they will rust immediately.”

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