A leading-edge on the front of the automobile runs nearly parallel to the ground and tries to block high-pressure air from flowing underneath it. The splitter is pushed down by the high pressure, which aids in creating downforce.

Planes that dive

These fasteners are usually found on the right and left sides of the front bumper (see below) and are bent to deflect airflow from the front of the vehicle upward, resulting in downforce. They’re also employed to change the airflow along the car’s sides, seeking to reduce the amount of high-pressure air that enters beneath the vehicle (creating lift and reducing downforce).

Vents in the Hood

Ventilated hoods allow air traveling through the radiator to escape cleanly, and they also aid in maintaining airflow through the engine compartment, which improves cooling.

NACA Ducts are a type of duct that is used to transport air

These air scoops are designed to have the least influence on airflow while providing an air entrance. They may be utilized in almost any application that demands airflow, such as feeding an air intake, cooling a driver, and so on. NACA ducts were used extensively on the Ferrari F40.

Vents on the sides

Behind the front (or rear) wheels are side vents that enable airflow to escape the wheel wells, which is generally turbulent due to the movement of the wheels. They can also be utilized to exhaust hot air from the engine compartment.

The skirt on the side

Splitters and side skirts are similar. They’re in the place to keep high-pressure air from traveling below the vehicle, and they’re usually as low as feasible.


These are usually smooth and flat for racing to decrease drag and turbulence beneath the car. When combined with the diffuser, the lower pressure air under the vehicle may provide substantial downforce.


A diffuser is a section of the underbody formed to produce an area below the rear of the automobile with increased air volume. This enables fast-moving low-pressure air beneath the car to slow and expand towards the vehicle’s back. The diffuser aids in accelerating air beneath the automobile, lowering its pressure and increasing downforce. It can also assist in redirecting airflow upward, resulting in increased downforce.

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